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Catfish Farming Business Plan In Nigeria / Feasibility Study

Catfish Farming Business Plan In Nigeria / Feasibility Study

Catfish farming in the Nigeria is one of the most profitable agribusiness in the country and if you have thought on going into this business you are on the right track.

According to research over 70 per cent of Nigerians consume fish on a daily basis and this makes the demand for fish constantly high.

Catfish is one of the most commonly eaten fish in Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Joints and Spots, there is no Joint, Spots or Hotel in Nigeria that you won’t find Catfish as part of their menu, it can be prepared and sold as fish pepper soup or grilled and peppered, it is one of the major Nigeria dish and yet from recent studies, Catfish farming, production, distribution and marketing are lower than its demand.

On this post, you will learn the fundamental things about Catfish farming and things you should look out for when venturing into this business. Over 90 per cent of Catfish farmers that have become millionaires knew nothing about the business before they ventured into it, all they did was ask questions, and then got the Catfish Farming Business Plan and that was it, however employing someone who has an idea on how to run a Catfish farm can be beneficial but it’s also something you can learn because the truth of the matter is that it’s not a difficult thing to learn.

One thing you must know is that Catfish grow very fast which is to your advantage and to set up a Catfish farm is not expensive unlike other agribusiness, Catfish farm can turn you into a millionaire within months that is if you have the right information, below are some of the basic things you need to run a successful Catfish farm in Nigeria.

Fish Pond – This is one of the major aspect of fish farming, the pond construction. To construct a good fish pond you will need the expertise of a professional to help you do it because if you want the fish to grow fast and healthy the construction of the fish pond is a vital part because it determines the way water flows in and out of the pond.

There are different kind of fish ponds, there are Earthen ponds, Concrete ponds, Plastic ponds. In choosing the right pond a lot of things has to be considered, for example for small scale Catfish farmers it’s advisable to use plastic pond because it’s cheap and easy to construct and can house a lot of fish as well. So it depends on the scale of business you are aiming at and that is why we have a well written Catfish farming Feasibility Study/Business Plan to help you with your projections.

Water Supply – This is a very important aspect of fish farming, bore hole is mostly preferred source of water because water must be available for the fish to survive. Overhead tanks for holding water are also necessary and should be installed.

Fingerling – One of the best ways is to get good fingerling from another specialized farm and be sure of the quality of the fingerling you buy because healthy fingerlings will produce healthy fishes for you.

Feeding the Fish – Catfish grow very fast but it depends on the type of feed you give your fishes. There are different types of fish feeds in the market, quality fish feed are expensive but it’s worth it because they are capable of growing your into giant sized within a short time.

Fish require the essential nutrients like arginine, lysine and methionine for them to grow fast and healthy.

It is very important to ask a professional or someone who knows how to run fish farm when to feed the fishes, how to feed them and the right feed to give theme.


Current Situation of aquaculture in Nigeria
Aquaculture Production in Nigeria
Aquaculture Policy Environment at National and State Levels
Success potential
Skills and abilities for success
Production feasibility

Product description
Financial projections
Competitors marketing analysis
Proposed Marketing Strategy

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS for Fish Farming Business Plan In Nigeria / Feasibility Study
Operational Details and Structure
Machinery/Equipment Requirements, housing, drugs and feeding
Raw materials and sources

MANPOWER REQUIREMENT, MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION for Fish Farming Feasibility Study Business Plan In Nigeria
Personnel requirement
Organization structure

INVESTMENT ANALYSIS for Fish Farming Feasibility Study  Business Plan In Nigeria
Mathematical formula for catfish cost production in Nigeria
Capital/initial Cost
Pre-Operating Expenses
Cost production of 50,000 fingerlings Hatchery unit and expected returns (cost of feed, cost of fingerlings, survival rates and sale price of the catfish) in a year
Cost production of 50,000 Grow-out pond unit and expected returns (cost of feed, cost of fingerlings, survival rates and sale price of the catfish) in a year
Cost production of 50,000 smoked fish and expected returns (cost of smoking, weight after smoking, and price of smoked fish)


Commercial Fish Production
Sustainable aquaculture production
Why some fish farmers fail
Sitting the farm

POND REQUIREMENTS, DESIGNS, CONSTRUCTION AND POND TYPES for Fish Farming Feasibility Study/Business Plan In Nigeria
Earthen pond
Re-circulatory system
Flow through system (Concrete tank, plastic tanks or vat)

REPRODUCTION IN CATFISH for Fish Farming Feasibility Study/Business Plan In Nigeria
Choosing Your Male & Female Brood Stock
Injecting the Female Fish
Getting the Male Sperm
Stripping the Female Fish
Mixing Sperm with Eggs & Spreading Inside the Vat
Feeding the Fries
Daily schedules of works in trough rearing of fries
Sorting: A Necessary Factor
Operational cost for fingerlings production
Diseases of fingerlings
Transportation of fish

MANAGEMENT OF TABLE SIZES For Fish Farming Feasibility Study Business Plan In Nigeria
Water quality/quantity
Stocking Good quality fingerling/juvenile

FEEDING for Fish Farming Feasibility Study/Business Plan In Nigeria
Feeds, feeding and feed milling
Feed formulation and processing
Feed formulation table from 2month old fish and above
An example are as shown below (this is a proven formula) for a tone (1000kg)
Culturing Catfish for feeding your fish
Handling, sampling and harvesting
Catfish health
Practical preventive measures
Predators and their Control

RUNNING A FISH FARM AS A BUSINESS for Fish Farming Feasibility Study/Business Plan In Nigeria
Running a fish farm as a business
Operational cost for stocking 3,000 catfish
Cost of Pond construction
Frequently asked question and answers
Fish Feed Dealers in Nigeria

Our sample Catfish farming business plan in Nigeria can be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications. The business plan was complied after a thorough feasibility study on Catfish farming in Nigeria was done.


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Account Name – Uwadia Eyemeka
Account No – 0127561472

After payment text your name, your e-mail address and bank teller number to 07036785443 and you’ll receive your FISH FARMING BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA / FEASIBILITY STUDY

Business Plan for Fish Farming & Feasibility Study  will be sent to your email address after your payment has been confirmed.(Soft copy only).

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