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Packaging Company Business Plan in Nigeria PDF / Feasibility Study

Packaging Company Business Plan in Nigeria PDF / Feasibility Study

Packaging business is a very profitable business to start up due to the high demand for packaging materials in Nigeria. This materials are need for all sorts of goods and this is why packaging business in Nigeria is a very profitable business.

In Nigeria today, there is always need to use packaging material either as polyethylene or nylon bag, envelops, cartons, paper bag, wrapping items, pizza packs etc. to package goods so staring a packaging company in Nigeria will profit you much more than you even imagine because this is a business that will always be needed.

For your business to thrive there are certain things you must do, there are necessary thing you must have. Anyone planning to go into any business without thinking and planning properly for the business is a joke. Success is no accidental, a successful business is well thought out and if you are planning to start a successful packaging company business in Nigeria then this post is for you.

In packaging business has strong competition so the first thing to note is the cost of your packaging materials and plan on producing high quality your customers and keeping the price low, this will keep your customers loyal to you and will take the business to the next level.

There are different packaging companies in Nigeria and most of them are in Lagos and Abuja but it doesn’t matter where you are located all that matters is the quality of the value your are rendering so your business can be located anywhere.

Below are types of packaging companies in Nigeria

1. Nylon Packaging
2. Carton Packaging
3. Paper Packaging
4. Food Packaging
5. Plastic Packaging
6. Packaging
7. Flexible Packaging

Packing materials are always need to convey goods from place to place so the demand for it will always be high. Packaging materials used in different areas of goods packaging like cosmetics, food items, soaps, biscuit, clothing industry, Pharmaceuticals, chemicals and lots more

This different packaging companies satisfy the demand for packaging products in Nigeria which include,

1. Industries
2. Exporters
3. Traders
4. Shops and Kiosks
5. Individuals
6. Business of all sizes
7. Event centers

How To Start A Packaging Company in Nigeria

Starting a company is not easy, this however depends on your mindset. You have to think big so you can grow your business. Before starting a packaging company you must first of all get the necessary knowledge and experience you need for the business. This means that either you have worked in a packaging company to get some level of experience or your have somehow gathered enough information on how the industrial packaging system works.

Business Plan

The first thing you need is a good and well written business plan for the business. This can not be overemphasized because its the roadmap of which your business will thrive. Packaging business plan will give you direction and help you with all you need to know about the business. A good packaging business plan should give you financial projections, market analysis, marketing strategy etc. So its very important that you get one or have an expert write a good packaging business plan and feasibility report for you.


Metro cities or suburban cites is the best place for packaging material company. The reason is that good after manufacturing need packaging and most manufacturing companies are situated in i metro cities or suburban cites so this is why you have be located in this area because positioning your company close to this manufacturing companies will increase patronage. Location is the business is very important and shouldn’t be taken for lightly.

Register the Business

This is very important. To be a legal company in Nigeria you have to register the business and doing so is not difficult. The Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria is in every state so all you have to do is walk in follow the due process and pay the registration fee.

Marketing & Promotion

You must identify with your customers so that as soon as your products are ready you inform them. Imprints your logos on all your products. Advertise on all platform that you can to gt noticed.

Our sample Packaging Company Business Plan in Nigeria can be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications. The business plan was complied after a thorough feasibility study on Packaging Company Business in Nigeria was done.

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