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Photography Business Plan in Nigeria PDF / Feasibility Study

Photography Business Plan in Nigeria PDF / Feasibility Study

We can say that a picture is a conveyer of life. The only memories we can have of our loved ones who have passed on apart from our thoughts is a picture. A picture holds memories from reality and it is a strong link to the spiritual. A picture can be used spiritually as a link to someone alive or dead.

There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.

A picture conveys a thousand words.

Photography has been in existence for a long time. Photography is not just about taking pictures, it is an art and science on its own. Photography started centuries ago and it is improving every year.

The first photography process _ heliography was invented around 1824 by Nicèphor Nièpcè. Images were obtained with bitumen of Judea spread ona silver plate after an exposure of several days.

Photography in Nigeria was analogue, it required using films on a camera and taking it to the lab to wash itand pictures produced. The use of photographic films was pioneered byGeorgeEastman who started producing photographic films in 1885, before switchingtocelluloid in 1888 –1889. Hisfirst camera which is called “kodak” was first offered for sale in 1888.

Currently, photography is now digital. It now involves taking pictures with digital camera.The first portabledigital SLR cameraintroduced byMinolta in 1995.Nikon D1,  1995. Digital photography is preferred for these reasons :

·      Durability and image quality : digital camera pictures is better than analogue in terms of pictures quality, image sharpness, background, color mix. Durability of digital camera pictures cannot be overemphasized, it is better and more durable than analogue pictures.

·      Space:digital camera does not take much space when compared to analogue camera. Digital camera requires little space for the memory card. One memory card can store more images than a dozen roll of films.

·      Time: digital camera saves time unlike analogue. It is fast to produce picture with digital camera, no need to use films that requires going to the lab to wash it afterwards. For example, passport photographs takes few minutes to produce and also in ceremonies, it takes few minutes to produce pictures.

·      Multiple functions : digital camera has multiple functions such as: face detection, night visions, motion detection and so on depending on the camera model. It also has the advantage of taking pictures at night which produce almost the same result like that of the day time.

·      Video function: digital camera also has video function, it enables the photographer to record video and snap pictures at the same time.

There are so many people in the photography business, every day people go into photography because it is lucrative and people perceive it as being easy. The fact is that photography is not just about snapping pictures, there is more to it. It requires a lot of creativity and expertise. If you want to venture into photography, you must be skilled in picture editing and appropriate use of the camera. There are various software use for picture editing, the most use software is Adobe photoshop.

In as much as photography business is lucrative, it is important that you don’t go into it with the sole aim of ‘packing money’. Photography business takes time to establish, you will need find and patience. People will have to be aware of you and rate your expertise very well, you will need recommendations from people you have done good job for. Besides, there are so many people that are in the business before you came, so you need expertise, creativity and patience.

Types of photography

·      Fashion photography : fashion photography is used to sell fashion designs and products to customers. It involves selling fashion products to those interested. To be a good fashion photographer, it is important to understand  fashion and what people will be interested in. If it’s possible, take your time to learn it or pair with someone who has already been in it. Fashion photographers snap pictures in studio and even outdoor, like wedding dresses, cocktail dresses and so on.

·      Landscape photography: this involves nature and environment. It captures the surrounding, nature changes, weather and so on. Its images/wallpaper in our PC and phones. It could be image of the sky, mountain and so on.

·      Wildlife photography: this involves taking photos of animals. For example,  frog in swamp, snakes in water or bush, sharks and so on.

·      Sports photography: this involves taking photographs of people involve in sports, it could be when they are practicing or in the action of sport.

·      Event photography: this is taking pictures of events like wedding ceremony, burial, birthday and so on.

·      Street photograpgy: this involves taking pictures in busy street.

·      Night photography: this is taking pictures at night. It can be in a party or in crowd. This needs a lot of expertise, someone who can operate the camera well because of darkness at night and low light.

·      Glamour photography: this is almost the same thing as fashion photography but it exceeds it. It involves glitz and extravagance. It can be used for magazines, billboard, posters and so on.

·      Candid photography: this is taking pictures of subject unaware. The persons that are snapped are not aware and because of this, they are relaxed. It is important that the photographer use camera that has long zoom to be able to properly captured the person.

·      Fine Art photography: this involves expressing what the photographer saw and probably felt that no one else saw. Normal photograp involves capturing what the photographer and others saw but fine art photography goes beyond that, it involves expressing what the photographer saw and felt which others didn’t . It brings out the artistic part of the photographer.

·      Wedding photography: this involves taking pictures of wedding ceremony, people in the wedding and other activities. It keeps the memory of the wedding.

How to Establish a Photography Business in Nigeria

·      Plan your photography business

No business survive without a plan. When going into photography business, it is important to plan accurately. Don’t just put all your resources and wait for growth without having a plan. The reason why so many photographers are suffering is as a result of lack of plan. A business plan helps you to know if you are on track and whether or not your business is progressing. It also helps you to predict how the future of the business will be.

·      Feasibility Analysis

This is simply a research carried out by an individual to determine if the business they are planning to invest in will bring profit or not. It also helps to know the people who are interested in the products and the market available for such products, it helps to know your competitors. It helps to know if you will make profit or not and the cost of what you will need to set up the business.

·      Training

Photography has gone past the stage of just snapping, there is more to it now, you will need to be creative with the camera. You should be able to set the camera, set the aperture, check the weather, the environment and the light, know how to attach external flash which is used mostly at night to provide light and increase the quality of the picture.

There are photo book, photo album, modelling magazine and so on that requires editing. You need to be able to edit pictures with modern software, this means you should be a computer literate to do this. You should be able to type and master the art of editing pictures, changing of back, changing picture color and adjustment. All these require training, the training can be six months, are year and so on depending on how fast you are in learning. You can enroll in a good photography studio or research on your own.

·      Location

This is important, your location is the key, you have to choose wisely. Look for a location that is close to the road and very busy. You should make sure that your location has people that are interested in it.

·      Equipment

Purchase your equipment. Buy equipment that are good like camera with good memory card that has large space and computer that has large RAM. When starting small scale what you need is your camera, computer, flashlight and generator. But if you are starting large scale you can but the following :

·      Camera

·      Computer

·      Generator

·      Flashlight

·      Lenses

·      Printers

·      Memory card and memory reader

·      Studio props

·      Reflectors

·      Studio light and light stand

·      Background and background supporting system

·      External hard drive

·      Generator

·      Laptop and external laptop battery

·      Filter

·      Software for example, adobe photo shop, coral draw

·      Bag to keep your equipment

·      Lens cleaner


·      Business name and logo

Get your business name and logo. This logo should be unique and placed on the picture before printing.

·      Register your business

You should register your business, make sure you join any available association of your business. Your business can be registered in the cooperate affairs commission ( CAC ).


·      Advertise your business

This is the heart of your business. Continuously advertise your business, you can do that on social media like facebookinstagram, twitter, whatsapp and so on. You can also share flyers, print posters and even bill board.

·      Attend events uninvited

You should attend events uninvited, go to weddings, birthday party and so on. Snap good pictures and promote your business.

·      Employ staffs

Employ as many staffs as possible, these staffs should be good in the business.

Photography business is profitable and you should go into it with as much creativity as possible in other to make profit and you should possess good attitude towards your business and customers. Below are the tips for success in a photography business.

Tips to succeed in photography business

·      Be friendly and accommodative.

·      Be sincere.

·      Be created and innovative .

·      Stay up to date .

·      Browse the internet for ideas and check your social media for information about your advert placed.

·      Have good communication skills.

·      Offer bonus and discount .

·      Dress appropriately. You are addressed according to your dress.

·      Collaborate with others in the field.

·      Start small and grow big.

·      Be professional, this will help to take care of customers that takes simplicity for granted.

·      Ensure that you deliver on time.


What next?

Start!!!! You don’t need no delay, you have the information you need, why delay? There is no profit in procrastination, it is the killer of destiny.

Our sample Photography Business Plan in Nigeria can be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications. The business plan was complied after a thorough feasibility study on Photography Business in Nigeria was done.

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