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Nylon / Polythene Bag Production Business Plan in Nigeria & Feasibility Study

Nylon / Polythene Bag Production Business Plan in Nigeria & Feasibility Study

Nylon and Polythene bag production business is one of the most lucrative business you can start because this product not go out of demand. It is always needed on a daily basis in different types from transparent bags to the big black bags to the fancy bags. It is a very profitable and viable business.

This business has turn many into millionaires even at the wholesale level. Millions of nylon bags are produced on a daily basis to meet the demand yet the demand is still very much higher than the supply.

This is one thing you must consider when going into manufacturing business, “the rate of demand”. For nylon bag its very high.

In our homes, we use nylon bags for different purposes like waste disposal, bagging etc. manufacturing businesses use it for wrapping and packaging their products, laundry operators also use nylon bags for packaging, some are also use as fancy bags, tarpaulin to protect cars from the sun etc. The use of nylon and polythene bags is endless and that is the reason the demand for the product is high which makes it a very profitable business in Nigeria.

Starting a nylon bag business is not difficult at all whether as a small scale or large scale level. The machines are not too expensive to buy and the raw materials you can get locally.

One important thing you must note is that there are two different types of nylons, the low density and the high density nylons. Small packaging companies always prefer the low density nylons for wrapping, sealing and packaging their products while industrial and commercial establishment prefer using high density nylons because they are stronger and more durable than the low density nylons.

How To Start Nylon making & Polythene bag Production Business

The first thing you need is a good and up-to-date nylon & polythene bag production business plan. Having a business plan and a good feasibility study is one way to succeed in any business.

The start up costs, equipment you need, the best location for the business and the management structure of the business is contained in the business plan so it is very important.

The amount of money you need to start this business depends on the scale. The equipment needed for sealing and cutting come in different types and sizes and capacity. They are locally manufactured equipment and also highly sophisticated ones so like i said it depends on whether you want to start a large scale or small scale nylon production business.

One other important thing is to register your business. This is the way to make your business legal in Nigeria. The Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC, is in every state in the country so locate one and register your business, all you need to do is pay your registration fee and and you are good to go.

The importance of LOCATION can not be overemphasized. You need to be closer to your target market, this is very crucial because closeness means accessibility which also means low transportation costs.

For small scale nylon production, you can get the semi-automatic nylon cutting machine, this can be manufactured locally but for efficiency it is better you get the full automatic machine.

Our sample Nylon making & Polythene bag Production Business Plan in Nigeria can be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications. The business plan was complied after a thorough feasibility study on nylon and polythene bag production Business in Nigeria was done.

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